Don’t read my blog - read theirs instead.


There are some great writers out there…

Here are some I really like.

I generally write about problems that my clients are facing. That way, I can provide them with a little help and point future clients to something quickly. But honestly, I’m not the best writer. There are plenty of others who do a great job of putting out high-quality blogs regularly. I was recently involved in a friendly competition for a variety of dog training categories. One of those categories was Best Blog. All the entries were great and I wanted to share them with you - along with a few others that I particularly like.

I’m just providing one example from each of the blogs - there’s plenty more out there by these authors. So be sure to explore a bit on these blogs.

If you have a favorite blog from a force-free trainer, drop it in the comments - I’m always happy to learn from others.

Happy Reading!


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