I want your dog to be happy and safe, and I want you to be happy with your dog.



Puppy Training

Puppies can be hard. Really hard. Endless energy. Sharp teeth. Peeing everywhere. And they don’t speak our language! They don’t sit or stay or come or go to bed when we want them to. You might be wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.

I understand completely. But they are my favorite.

It’s critical that puppies get off to a good start. Otherwise, you could soon be seeking help for more serious issues. Let’s make sure your puppy has a great chance at learning and fitting in with your family. 

Basic Manners

Maybe you just brought home your new dog and she doesn’t know anything. Or maybe she’s pretty good, but there are a few things you’d like to teach her. Whether it’s walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, greeting people politely, or doing some cute tricks, let’s talk - I can help.

Fear and Aggression

Does your sweet pup turn into the Tasmanian Devil when a stranger appears or another dog gets too close? Does he cower when a bicycle goes by? Or does he try to chase it and acts like he might bite the bicyclist?  Maybe your dog is afraid of fireworks, thunder, the vacuum, or riding in the car? It’s not enough just to suppress his barking and lunging - we’ve got to change his emotional response to the thing that scares him. I know how. 

Dog Sitting

This is a service I can only offer some of the time, with only some dogs, and never for more than a week. Your friendly dog will live with us and be treated just like my own (rather pampered).
Cuddles and play are included - training is additional.

Something Else?

House training problems? Does your dog fight with other dogs over food or toys - or even growl at you when you approach his food bowl? Or maybe your concern isn’t listed here. That’s okay, Contact me and let’s talk. Maybe I can help. 

Winnie, waiting patiently with Joker and Juno after a lesson on tooth brushing.

Winnie, waiting patiently with Joker and Juno after a lesson on tooth brushing.

Tim was so great to Winnie and me! He helped us more than I can put into words. He’s a true friend of dogs and I can’t imagine a better trainer!
— Slater S